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Apple Serenity Now! Version 3.1

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I have been using Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) for multiple weeks now, and I am absolutely fed up with (others are as well). I rely heavily on email for all aspects of my business, and I finally had to resort to using webmail today so I would not waste any more time troubleshooting and manually clicking on all my IMAP folders to see if I had new messages in them (something is broken with showing the “Unread” status. On top of that fun, hangs multiple times a day, and I noticed today, the mail activity monitor (within... Read More » Read more

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Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) SMB Fix

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I ran into an issue earlier today where I could not connect to a SMB share after my upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5. After some research, I found a thread in Apple’s Discussions. Basically…you need to not use “Connect to Server…” – you need to mount/unmount the SMB share via the command line. Basic Mount/Unmount Process Create a directory (folder) where you want the mounted share to appear. I created a folder called “SMB” on my Desktop Type in the following command: mount_smbfs //[email protected]/remote_share /Users/useyourusername/Desktop/SMB in the terminal You will be prompted for your password, type it in You... Read More » Read more


Mac OS X 10.5 Issues: Very Few

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I have been using Mac OS X 10.5 now on my MacBook Pro for a week to test everything out before I upgraded my main development environment. I only found a few issues and they were pretty easy to fix. Text Wrangler via Cyberduck would not update any files after I made changes. I looked at a similar bug report, and updated my version of Cyberduck to the latest nightly build (2.8.1(3268)) and have not had any issues since. Amy had a mail issue after the “archive and install” upgrade where the “Send” button was greyed out, but after seeing... Read More » Read more