First Days Working From Home

Well, the first two days of working at home have gone great. I have gotten more stuff done before 8am than I can usually do by the time 8pm comes around. I am able to get up, spend some time with my son, workout, shower, and then start working all in the time it would usually take me to get to my office. During lunch, Triscuit, Evan, and I go on a nice walk and then come back for some more work. Not to mention, I can now also stop working much earlier and enjoy some time with the family. Good times. Why did I not “retire” (as Dad Muller would say) earlier? All the while, I get to work with interesting clients on really cool projects which forces me to keep building my skill set.

How to Keep the Loud Neighbors Quiet

While spending the long weekend at my not in-laws, we took Triscuit to her foster parents’ house to hang out with their two greyhounds. When we picked up Triscuit yesterday Triscuit’s foster parents had a great story to share. Apparently they have a neighbor who likes to play their radio so loud that the commercials vibrate through the walls of the neighboring homes. Triscuit’s foster parents have tried asking the loud neighbors to keep it down and have even had to call the police. The neighbors, after the police came, threats were made, and the radio continued to blare. After not being able to handle it anymore, the foster parents decided to come up with a plan…to hack their iTrip to boost the signal so they could broadcast silence. On Sunday, after hacking the iTrip, they figured out what radio station the neighbors were listening to and set the iPod to broadcast silence on that station (on their neighbor’s loud radio). To confuse the neighbors, they would broadcast the silence in intervals. Of course, this will most likely not quiet the neighbors forever, but now they can have some fun. Ahh the joys of having neighbors!
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New Family Member: Ava.

Amy and I have been involved in Greyhounds Only for a few years now and we recently went to a fostering seminar with hopes of fostering new or returned greyhounds. I picked up Ava this afternoon from a pretty sketchy home. Her nails were extremely long and her ears were fithly, but she cuddled with me right away and did wonderfully on her trip with me to her new home. Time will tell if she is the right dog for us (Triscuit) or if someone else will be lucky enough to spend time with her. For now, here are some pictures of Triscuit, Salsa, and Ava. Pita is a bit camera shy.

Triscuit Triscuit Salsa

Ava Ava and Triscuit Triscuit and Ava


Well, after deciding we needed to treat Triscuit to a nice fun day, we packed up the car and took her to a local dog training club that was having a “Save the miniature pinchers” fundraiser. For a small fee, you could have your dog partake in lure coursing. Since Triscuit is a retired racer and a sight hound, we knew she would love it. We were right, she loved it alright. But on her second time doing the lure coursing, she took a corner too big, ran into a spectator bench and jammed her shoulder (slight cut/bruised muscle), and then took the next corner too big again, ran over some cement, and the cement took off her the skin on her toe pads from 3 of four feet. Ouch. Triscuit cried and barked…walked away fine, but when she got home, she was limping pretty bad. We had no idea her feet were such a mess until I went over to massage her shoulder and looked down at her feet. A and I almost threw up, but emailed the vet, got some bandages, and gave her some TLC. The vet looked at her feet today, cut most of what was left on her little feet of toe pad skin, put her on antibiotics and pain medication, and warned us they would be really sensitive for awhile, as well as their is a good chance this would happen again. She has been a champ through all of this, but is always hard to see a pet in pain. I was crying on the phone when making the appointment today 😉 My little girl. I thought I would share some pictures of my #1 patient.

Triscuit's little feet Triscuit Brusied Shoulder