Crossing Through Pennsylvania

On our recent trip east – we crossed completely through Pennsylvania twice and this was just west of Lockhaven, PA. We had to exit off of 80 for a gas/Mt. Dew break and as we were getting ready to turn right – we had to wait while the horse and buggy went by first. Needless to say, you just never know what you are going to see next.

214 Simmons (Penn State) Offspring

J & A offspring

On our travels east – we stopped over at my freshman and sophomore college roommate’s house. We snapped a photo of all our kids before we left. It is just hard to believe we are all (me and my roommate) grown up and are raising potential Penn Staters!

Where Have I Been?

In the last two weeks, I have been crazy busy and…:

  • In New York
  • On conference calls
  • On more conference calls
  • Playing Mario Cart
  • Not blogging

I will try to post some more and finally post an updated Jappler menus post.


My company does consulting for Delta Air Lines and while watching the latest “Planeguage” video – I laughed out loud. I happened to have this experience a few years ago on Spirit Air when I happened to be in the very last row. Needless to say the flight experience was horrible and I have since to fly in the back row – or on Spirit Air. If you have not checked out the videos (or the Delta Air Lines blog) check it out: