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Crossing Through Pennsylvania

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On our recent trip east – we crossed completely through Pennsylvania twice and this was just west of Lockhaven, PA. We had to exit off of 80 for a gas/Mt. Dew break and as we were getting ready to turn right – we had to wait while the horse and buggy went by first. Needless to say, you just never know what you are going to see next. Read more


Where Have I Been?

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In the last two weeks, I have been crazy busy and…: In New York On conference calls On more conference calls Playing Mario Cart Not blogging I will try to post some more and finally post an updated Jappler menus post. Read more

Business Entertainment Serenity Now!


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My company does consulting for Delta Air Lines and while watching the latest “Planeguage” video – I laughed out loud. I happened to have this experience a few years ago on Spirit Air when I happened to be in the very last row. Needless to say the flight experience was horrible and I have since to fly in the back row – or on Spirit Air. If you have not checked out the videos (or the Delta Air Lines blog) check it out: Read more