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Finding Your Pace

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We all work at different paces. Some like to try and do everything really quickly so they can relax later. Others wait until the last moment and race to get things done (they find energy and excitement in the challenge to finish). Still others prefer to keep a grueling pace throughout the entire project in order to get everything plus more done. Although I have done all of the above – if nothing else – Oregon Trail taught me one thing: pace is everything. While some of these routes to the end result will work some of the times, the... Read More » Read more


When is Vacation?

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I have been going non-stop now since the summer and dream of some time away from it all so I can either finish something fun or just relax yet every week day, weekend, and non-sleeping hour seems to be jammed packed with something. I absolutely love owning my own business but sometimes it makes things like taking time off or getting away a bit more complicated. Let me re-phrase that…getting completely away. Any business owners out there that have a secret they want to share so I can better enjoy my time? I am happy to be busy but it... Read More » Read more

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Side Projects

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Between normal day to day work, maintaining a house, spending time with the family and pets, exercise, relaxing, and enjoying life…there is not too much time for fun side projects these days. I have been trying to complete a few really cool things over the last few months without much luck…but I think March will be a big release month. I have some cool WordPress plugins, templates, and an interesting little project in the works – so assuming I can get some time…look out! Stay tuned… Read more