and it's in!

Well, this weekend was full of golf…54 holes. On hole 46, I threw my first club ever (3 wood)…and I made sure it was a good throw…into the lake. I had used this 3 wood since the early 90s and my father had used it before then…so it was not like it was anything great. I had been looking to replace it for the last two to three years, and just had to get rid of it…right then. With golf you need to focus on your most important shot, the current one, so I finished the hole, and went on to the next one and was able to get close to a hole in one (see picture below). I am not real proud of my tossing of the club, but I am glad I am finally forced to get a new club. Doug thought the old 3 wood was cramping my style anyways ;). I am now looking at putting either a Cleveland Launcher, a Ping G2, or a Titleist 904f in my bag.


presser of buttons.

I have to share a converstation about what I do at work with Amy…

Amy: This hot weather is crazy. You should feel the temperature change from 12pm to 5pm just becuase of the suns’s position change.
Jen: Yeah, thank goodness I work in an airconditioned building and do not have to go outside.
Amy: Yeah, you are lucky all you really all you do is sit in front of a screen and press buttons.
Jen: (at this poinst what was I to say?) I do click a mouse too.

Now that is quality conversation!


This humidity is driving me crazy…how is it that so many others, including myself live in an area that has such extreme temperature changes? I remember a few months ago barely able to go outside to walk Triscuit in the cold, now here I am with extreme heat and humidity. On another note…I have been using public transportation for a number of years now, but never did I see what I saw today…someone clipping their nails over their purse, then pushing the clippings into her purse. Wow.

soup nazi.

It never fails that I can say “Do you watch Seinfeld? Do you remember the episode when…” and then I go on about how much my situation sounds like something in a Seinfeld episode. Well, yet again, Seinfeld enters my life…

And for all of us who do not live in New York City, we shall be able to eat the famous soup too now!

half can of coke, nine pretzels and a marching band.

Having grandparents that moved to Florida a few years, there are times when I find myself on a flight to see them. I went down for the weekend for a family emergency (Queen of all card playing was in the hospital), so my sister and I made a last minute decision to fly down and see her. Well, I am not one for layovers…but I would do anything for my grandmother, so I had a two hour layover in a midwestern city I had never been in before…and that is where the excitement began!

I already have issues about flying to and from FL to begin with because you have a 99% chance of being on a flight with more wheel chairs and strollers than not, but this time I happened to be on the other 1% of all flights to FL…the one with a 100-150 piece middle school marching band that had finally made it to play at Disney World.

We took off late because the marchers could not get their seating arrangements worked out. This friend wanted to sit with that friend but did not want to sit by the other person, etc. This was pretty exciting for some because it was the first time they ever flew anywhere but between the flashes of the cameras, combined with the late departure because the seating situation, coupled with all the “coolness”, well I was ready for a Yuengling. (at least I was not on Spirit Air) I am not a fan of turbulance, but for once, I had to smile when we hit turbulance because the marchers knew for a few minutes that they were just not as cool as they thought they were. 😉 But fortunately they felt cool once again and began the count down until landing when we were close to the ground.
Moral of the story…I have yet to have a “normal” FL flying experience when going to see the grandparents, but in the end I guess it is all worth it.

expect the expected.

I can get riled up easily, but I am trying to work on that. Things easily get to me, such as summer time on the Metra, dealing with Internet Explorer’s “standards“, dealing with certain people who still do not realize that a phone works both ways, and the regardless of how much quality work I output, I am going to get the same treatment as the person who sleeps at their desk or does the bare minimum to “look busy”. I expect things in life: fair treatment (no double standards), hard work will pay off, people should be equal in relationships, people should have some sense of humor, and that when I go to McDonalds and order a plain hamburger, I do not get one with that still tastes like dehydrated onions and pickles even when I scrape all that crap off. Well…last week I picked up one of A’s healthy magazines and read an article that really made me think. One of the points in this article which explained “how to get along with anyone” really stuck with me: “Expect the expected.” So just as Frank Costanza would say “Serenity Now“, I am trying to say “Expect the expected!” Oh how I would love to really say more, but I will be nice.

the joys of hotels.

I travel pretty frequently. Not everyone does travel a lot, so I can understand that certain travel specific hassles and the likes would not bother people like it bothers me. Yet, I also drink a lot of water (and Coke (not Pepsi)) so I often have to go to the bathroom. Regardless of how much you drink, everyone has to go to the bathroom sooner or later and often several times a day. My point? How many hotels do I have to stay in where the toilet paper dispenser is out of reach? Who thinks that it would be ok to have to contort your whole body just to get a ply? (which ends up to be about two feet because it is so far away) I cannot think of the last hotel I was at (and I usually stay at high end hotels) where the toiler paper placement made sense. It is either way behind you nearly on the floor (like my current hotel) or perhaps on the other side of the room. My point? Where are all these so called designers when such a simple placement decision is needed? They have no excuses because everyone goes to the bathroom. It is the simple things that could easily be fixed that really drive me crazy. (Think back to one of my first postings, along with other random thoughts I have shared.) My life thesis: take a few minutes out of life to take care of the simple things. If you start with taking care of the simple things eventually the big picture questions appear not so big at all because really, they are just a lot of simple things combined.

perfume is a side, not the main course.

The county tax office, when the deadline for taxes is a few days away, is like the DMV on a good day. Tons of people, no organization, and weird smells. As I was filling out the paperwork for my exemption, a woman sat down next to me. You know the type…no sense of personal space when it comes to your sense of smell. My goodness…what is it about really bad perfume and some people? Who can possibly think that this perfume smells good, and then who in that bunch decided it was ok to bath themselves in this olfactory nightmare? What company makes this (and why)? Of course there is no escaping this smell…especially when you are jammed in a room with a bunch of people who are not thrilled about being there. On a slightly better note, I did have the plasure of seeing some diversity…you know, the woman with the feathered mullet, next to the wealthy woman with her Chanel glasses, handbag, earings, and necklace on. I enjoy diversity.