Audi Q7 (Which Leads into a Volvo/Ford Rant)

If you know me, you know that the slogan “Volvo for Life” is perfect for me. When I was in college, my parents bought me my first car so I could have one for my five week archaeology field school in Virginia at Thomas Jefferson’s home at Polular Forest. I then traded that in for a 1998 S70 which I kept for a few years, but in the back of my mind knew I would not be happy until I have a S80 T6, so I bought one of those and drive it today. Sad news came a few years back when Ford bought Volvo, so I have been looking more closely at other non-Ford owned car companies (and have been happy to see Ford and GM sweat it out the last few months). I have been leaning towards LandRover as my next choice of car (Range Rover or an old Discovery), but via my TiVo, a new option came into play…the Audi Q7. Why an SUV you might ask? Try buying a door, or crown molding, or a snowblower, or moving, etc with a car. Amy and I have been through this for multiple years now and it has gotten real old. While I do not think I need a dual wheel truck, I do need something that has some serious cargo space. While I am not a huge fan of the back end of the Audi Q7, the rest of Audi’s new SUV is pretty sweet and definitely worth a look. Too bad their web site is one of the worst I have seen in awhile. Come on! Did I ever mention how much I hate windows that resize to be the maximum width and height as your monitor can handle? That has to be in my top ten design pet peeves….hmmm time to make the list!

PS, since I got all riled up, I decided to leave a comment on another blog.