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Google Voice

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A few years ago – Doug pointed me to an interesting service called “Grand Central”. This service was supposed to take care of the issue of several phone number changes. By using Grand Central – you could use one number for life and forward calls from that number to your home, cell phone, or any other phone depending on caller, time of day, etc. This also means – you can have someone call your Grand Central phone number and it could potentially ring all your other lines until you pick up (great for traveling or people who always use the... Read More » Read more


Jappler Recommends: Vonange

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I use Vonage for my home phone, and used to use it as my business phone but decided to go with a ATT with my business line since I thought I wanted to keep a traditional phone line in the house. After my last ATT bill, their hideous ATT business web site (where you are forced to use IE 7 and they use an untrusted SSL certificate) I have had enough. Vonage for all lines as of July. Why? Vonage is fantastic. I like Vonage becasuse: They have a great, easy to use web site which works with any browser... Read More » Read more


Followup: Bluetooth Cordless Phone

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I recently posted about the bluetooth cordless phone I ordered. Yesterday I got everything set up and to my surprise – both my iPhone and Amy’s Sony Ericsson something or other phone both paired without any problems and everything works quite nicely! I would definitely recommend this phone (or type of phone) to anyone who gets a lot of calls on their cell and home phones. Not to mention, the UI of this Panasonic phone (KX-TH111) is great! Read more

Hardware Serenity Now!

Bluetooth Cordless Phone

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I was in the market for new cordless phones after being completely disgusted with the Uniden UI and came across something I found pretty interesting: cordless phones that would allow me to make/take calls from my home line and my cell phone. A and I are famous for not hearing my cell phone while at home so this will be perfect. Read more

Business HOWTOs

How to Set Up a 3 Way Call

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I have finally figured out how to do a 3 way call (phone manual is long gone). I have a Panasonic 2 Line phone, and for my reference later: Dial first number Press flash Dial second number Press flash Talk Read more