time to take a big deep breath.

The last week has been absolutely crazy.

  • I had a house full of house guests from Thursday until Sunday
  • Amy and I brought Ava to her new home on Saturday where she has a 14 year old greyhound sister as well as a beagle too
  • Huge storms here on Sunday/Monday…so strong our front door (glass/screen) swung way open and shattered)
  • Ookles is no longer a secret and I have tons more to do!
  • I fought, once again, to get my SSL cert in order with Apache and mod_ssl (damn IE and the ciphers)
  • Network Solutions had an outage this morning for two hours
  • My iPod died…well sort of (more later)
  • In typical Jen style…when I am busy, I redesign, so jappler v14 came out
  • I missed Pita’s birthday 🙁 (April 1)

I seriously need a vacation!!
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