Ahh, the iPad

Well – I have been holding my breath since the death of the Newton (10+ years ago) for something like the iPad and the day is finally here.

Will I get one? For sure!

Even the first version? Yes!
(Even though Ben usually gets screwed with version 1 of Apple products – my favorite all time Apple products have been version 1 (my beloved Blue & White, iPhone, Mac Mini, and the Bondi blue iMac)

Will I stand in line for it? Possibly – depends on the weather.

What do I love about it?

  1. I have been thinking about getting a new laptop for the kitchen or the livingroom – just something to have around to check email and look things up on the web. Now I can get something cool and cheap!
  2. I travel a lot…and with a 3 year old. My iPhone has been great for him (photos, games, videos) – this will be better.
  3. I can easily watch my favorite episodes of Modern Family now anywhere, any time – very easily – on a great display.
  4. The price. How amazing was that – to be completely shocked with the low price (usually Apple shocks you the other way)
  5. Ken will have some crappy complaint(s) about it and I will laugh and laugh as I enjoy mine and watch him get one a few years later 😉

I think Apple did a great job with the initial release and look forward to buying one soon! I really think this is exactly what my grandparents need as well (and my parents if they had high speed or wifi).

The Only Apple x Killer is Apple

All these crazy commercials and talk about the new Droid phone makes me smile. I think back about all the proposed “Apple x killers (x = Mac, Newton, iPod, iPhone) and what makes me smile is there is no third party Apple product killer and I do not see any in the foreseeable future.

The only real threat that these products have/had is actually Apple itself. Either Apple will kill it internally (Newton) or will create something bigger and better that will replace it’s own product.

So even though I enjoyed the Droid commercials – it all sounded a bit familiar (recently with the “iPod killer” Zune) – which come on, who knows someone that has one and has got you so excited you had to have one?

Companies may try and copy, add new functionality that people want…but when it comes down to it, there is just something about those Apple products…

Have a great weekend!