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Apple Serenity Now! Version 3.1

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I have been using Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) for multiple weeks now, and I am absolutely fed up with (others are as well). I rely heavily on email for all aspects of my business, and I finally had to resort to using webmail today so I would not waste any more time troubleshooting and manually clicking on all my IMAP folders to see if I had new messages in them (something is broken with showing the “Unread” status. On top of that fun, hangs multiple times a day, and I noticed today, the mail activity monitor (within... Read More » Read more

Apple Hints HOWTOs

outlook users having issues with attachments.

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A few days I came across a problem with Microsoft Outlook users not being able to open any attachments sent by someone using Apple’s application (the default Apple email application). Fortunately the fix is quick and easy! The real problem: Apple, by default, uses a “Rich Text Format” (RTF) for composing all new email messages. While this is fine for most email messages, Outlook has issues with how attachments are dealt with when using RTF. The Solution: Switch the default message format from “Rich Text Format” to “Plain Text”. [tags], hints[/tags] Read more

Serenity Now!

Fun With Email and

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I learned something today that I cannot believe I did not know/use before today…if you click on the replied, forwarded, etc icons within message list, it will open up the email that you sent in response, forward, etc. How very handy! How did I not pay attention to this for the last six years? I will not say from who…but I just got a massive amount of attachments from someone…more than I thought would be possible! [tags], email attachments[/tags] Read more


Fun Mac OS X Screenshots

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I spent the majority of Monday night cleaning up my hardrive, my email, my server space, and my iDisk. During this cleanup I saw some interesting (and in my mind funny) things…I just had to take a screenshot. Enjoy. The first screenshot is from my Someone had sent me an html email that contained lots of graphics…when I saw the number of attachments I had to laugh. Sometimes I think about putting something similar to that in my CC line of my email for those who copy everyone they ever knew. Stop the insanity! Good work Apple on putting... Read More » Read more