Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 4 Comments

A Mac OS X/UNIX newbie asked me if there was any way to show all the hidden files in Mac OS X so that he could browse the UNIX directories when using the Finder. Since there may be others out there that have the same need/want I thought I would share an easy way to show and then hide all hidden files within the Finder. To show hidden files: open the Terminal application and type: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE. In order for the Finder to recognize the change, restart the Finder by then typing: killall Finder. To hide hidden… Read More »

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my OS X web development setup.

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 1 Comment

If you find yourself developing more than one web site at home, or anywhere with a *NIX machine with Apache, and want to be able to access all the sites for testing, it is time to set up Virtual Hosts. By using Virtual Hosts, you can access all your web sites easily (especially if you use absolute links) and separately by typing in: http://jappler/ and http://bareminimum/ and http://other. How does this work? Like I mentioned before, the first step is to set up Virtual Hosts. The second step is to edit your /etc/hosts file so you can assign names to… Read More »

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