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Serenity Now!

Traveling with Children

We just returned to Chicagoland from a trip to see my parents/grandparents. While I was not really excited to travel with all three kids – I knew my family would appreciate it. Since we were traveling with all three kids (4 years, 7 month twins) I figured it would be a nightmare. To my surprise […]


Linkfest Thursday: September 3, 2009

Here are some links I found interesting over the last week: How Twitter Works (some of you are still not sure) Playgrounder (cool stuff finder for kids and parents) How to Make Rounded Image Corners (sometimes you just need them) Astronomy Picture of the Day (even has a RSS feed)


Give Credit to Single Parents

I have to say – there are not too many days that go by where I think to myself at least once a day “I cannot imagine being a single parent”. I was sick yesterday and all I could do was lay in bed…moving was not a real option. Thankfully – I have A to […]