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Apple HOWTOs

How to Transfer Purchases in iTunes

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Ever need to transfer your purchases from your iPad or iPhone from one computer to another? After getting the alert multiple times I figured it was time to learn. To transfer your purchases – you need to control click on your device (after connecting it to the computer you want to transfer the items to) in the iTunes “Device” list and then select “Transfer Purchases…” More information: Read more

Apple HOWTOs

iTunes Screensaver in Mac OS X

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I generally use the Cosmos screensaver but I recently decided to check out some of the other options. I really thought the iTunes screensaver looked cool – as it shows all your cover art. I then accidentally hovered over one of the album covers and noticed I could actually click on it and switch the current iTunes song. Super cool and a nice touch Apple. I just wish I would have stumbled onto this earlier. PS – how did I take a screenshot of a screensaver? I opened my System Preferences, clicked on “Desktop and Screensaver”, held down command and... Read More » Read more


Jappler Recommends: Clean Up Your iTunes Library

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I recently did some file cleanup on my main Mac to tidy things up, but indadvertedly wreaked some havoc with iTunes. I had a number of songs that had the “!” for missing and no really good way to delete all of them (there were too many). After doing a few quick searches on the issue – I found my solution: Super Remove Dead Tracks. Then – to really clean up everything I wanted to remove all the duplicates so I then used Dupin which also worked like a charm. All is much more organized and cleaner now… Read more


Apple Saves the Day

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Apple saves the day for me: Hello Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear the titles you purchased from the iTunes Store with account “[email protected]” were lost. I can certainly see how this would be upsetting and I would like to help. iTunes Store Customer Support has decided to let you download (at no charge) all the titles you purchased on this account that are still available. Thank you Apple! Read more

Apple Serenity Now!

Lost iTunes Music

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Recently I had my backup drive die which doubled as my music drive (dumb). I also in the past few weeks – cleaned out my off site backups which included my music (dumb). After not being very excited with what happened – I decided to do some research on some of my options to get my music back. With my fingers crossed – I submitted a form to Apple asking them if I could get my purchased music back: Let’s hope this works! Read more