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Media Mondays: Hulu Desktop

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If you have a laptop or computer near your TV, hate paying for cable, and have a way to hook up your computer to the TV – it is time you check out Hulu Desktop. I downloaded Hulu Desktop, hooked up my MacBook Pro to my TV (DVI to HDMI), and within a few minutes was watching episode 2 of 24 – and was able to use the remote that came with my computer to boot! You can use Hulu Desktop to view TV shows, movies, trailers, etc and you can even use your Hulu account to queue up shows/movies... Read More » Read more

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Linkfest Thursdays: May 14th Links

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Here are some interesting links I have found in the last week or so. Hulu Most of you have heard of it, but if you have not checked it out yet – take a look. You will be impressed. No more excuses – just take a few minutes and check it out. Watchismo – I never realized how much I liked watches until I looked at their inventory. Check out their clocks too. Super cool! MapMyWalk Colby and I walk around 2 miles every day. This tool makes it easy to map out a new trek. Glassy Eyes Tired of... Read More » Read more