My New Obsession: Ancient Aliens

I have one of my TiVos set to record “TiVo Suggestions” (TiVo tracks what I like/do not like and then records other similar shows it thinks matches my interests). Awhile back I decided to go through the suggestions and to watch something new. TiVo happened to record an episode of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. (I watch a lot of space/Universe documentaries).

After watching the first episode – I instantly added it as a season pass. I have been absolutely fascinated by this show which tries to explain things (and make you think about it) like Stone Henge, the Pyramids of Giza, Nazca Lines, and the Moai statues of Easter Island (to name a few). These have always blown my mind so to watch a series on them which pulls in iconography, ancient texts, and modern day examples has been quite enjoyable.

If you have any interest in the world’s unexplained megalithic structures, etc – do yourself a favor and watch an episode. This will surely not disappoint.

Media Mondays: The Universe

I am not sure why I did not pay more attention in my college Astronomy class (perhaps it was too much math ;)), but lately I have been throughly enjoying the History Channel’s The Universe show. You can check out video clips and some full episodes online if you are interested. This show does an amazing job at explaining everything using breath taking visuals, interviews with well known scientists, and real world examples (to help you understand scale).

If you have any interest in our universe – give one episode a try!


A few nights ago, while watching a show on the History Channel I heard the following quote:

It is not the choice you want, but it’s the choice you have.

As soon as I heard it I decided it was a quote worthy of writing down. The context for the quote on the show: black slaves in the US deciding whether to stay enslaved and alive, or to attempt running away and fighting for the British (Revolutionary War) and getting freedom while also risking death if they were caught running away. Obviously both choices are hard, but one must be chosen. Also, like Kyle Reese once said:

The future is not set… there is no such thing as fate, but what we make for ourselves by our own will.

All of us will sooner or later get into situations that will produce choices we may not like, but we must remember…we always have a choice. The take home message for the day…don’t live with regret. (school, family, jobs, everything)
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random points of interest.

I have been completely swamped with work for the last week, but I wanted to share some random points of interest that I have stumbled upon over the last few days.

  • I sat down to relax after a long day of coding to watch a great show on the History Channel called: Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way Opium, Morphine, and Heroin. This was filled with awesome tidbits of information like:
    • The Chinese first got hooked on smoking tobacco, then they added some opium to the tobacco…then they got hooked on smoking opium. Before this, eating little bits of opium was the most popular way to feel the effects of opium
    • Morphine was used to treat alcoholism, and even though alcoholics then became morphine addicts, it was more socially acceptable at this time (around prohibition) than to be an alcoholic because morphine addicts were less likely to start fights or beat their spouses
    • The hypodermic needle was invented to get morphine to into people’s systems faster
  • Grant Lee Phillips, one of my favorite singers, released a new album this week and it is amazing. Anyone who is looking for a great summer album, be sure and check it out. (It is available on the iTunes music store.
  • I am slowly bust surely getting through my PHP and MySQL web development book. I already have learned so much. I just need time at this point.
  • I am getting ready to release two web sites in the next few days/weeks (content dependent). One is a “from scratch” web site, and another is a redesign.
  • So far, my XOOPS 2.0.14 testing is going well. I have tested a handful of modules and will hopefully finish up all my testing tonight then push the update over to the production web sites
  • Being swamped is one thing, but my goodness…Scott has his hands full.

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