GrowlMail for 10.7


I have been using Growl for years now and love the simple notifications. I can work
GrowlMail was by far the most useful Growl plugin as it gives a quick n.
When Apple released 10.7 – the old version of GrowlMail no longer worked. I was lost – but finally I found an update that makes everything work again. Download GrowlMail for Mac OS 10.7.

Growl Gone Bad

Some days are better than others. Somedays you do not need to work with other humans to get slapped in the face. Welcome to my day. (For those that do not know what you are looking at – it is a screen full of error notification messages brought to me by Growl)


cool findings.

Over the past few weeks, I have found a number of really cool things that I wanted to note.

  • Find images visually with Retrievr.
  • Google Analytics. Most people have access to web statistics via their web host, or have purchased web statistics software, but this is really cool, and really easy.
  • Google Sitemaps. I have been using this for awhile. I first found this when I began working with XOOPS, then started using it with this web site. This is a great way to make sure your site is submitted to Google’s search index, then look at reports about your site.
  • Information USA. I am not sure how I mangaged to get to this web site, but it is full of just about everything you would ever want/need to know about the USA.
  • Super Cheap Stock Photos. Need a picture or two for a web site you are working on? Grab a few…with prices at $1-$3 per picture.
  • Triscuit has a new found trick – she can now “shake”! Good job Triscuit!
  • I also have a new found something…last night I learned and successfully played the first song Madonna played in public after learning the guitar: the first song in my Ground Zero movie Don’t Tell Me
  • Growl has been updated. I have written before about Growl so if you are a mac user and not using Growl yet, please try it!

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