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Busy Busy…

I have not been a very good poster lately – and I apologize. I have had a lot going on. We got our new dog Colby last weekend, been busy with all the WordPress 2.7 update/compatibility issues, preparing for Evan’s 2nd birthday, re-organizing my office space and development environment, getting ready for holiday travel, and […]


New Greyhound…

Well – it was a month ago yesterday that my beautiful girl Triscuit died. We started the adoption process (application/class/etc) that goes into adopting a greyhound. Yesterday after completing a “greyhounds and kids” class that we were required to take (because of the strong pack mentality of greyhounds fresh off the track). We go next […]


Camp Greyhound Summer 2006

For the last two weeks, Amy and I have been dog sitting two amazing greyhounds: Wish and Gopher. I thought I would share some cute/fun pictures of them, plus our dog Triscuit. Having three large dogs in the house has been hectic (all three taking a walk at the same time in an area with […]


The Greyhound Sleepover!

This past weekend A and I watched Triscuit’s foster parents’ two greyhounds Wish and Gopher. I decided I needed to start taking more pictures, so check them out! The weather was perfect for them and we enjoyed a lot of time out in the back yard running around and sleeping.


From the Train

On my way into work I thought about how better to allocate my time so I can fit in time to relax. (sad, I know) I ended up thinking I could save some time at night by blogging on my way home on the train…so here I go. The last few days have been challenging. […]


Getting the Word Out: Greyhound Adoption

Well, I thought I would do my part, hope my site gets indexed…perhaps leading a few more people to this post so they can then perhaps read about the 1,000 gryhounds that are going need homes. Greyhounds Only is trying to place as many dogs as possible in loving homes. If you live near Chicago […]


Need a Date? Get a Dog!

About three months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted a retired greyhound. She is absolutely wonderful (the dog 😉 ) and we are very happy we adopted her. There were plenty of things we did not expect since this was our first dog, such as her love for hotdogs and the fact that she sleeps […]