goodbye golive.

I am not sure that there are too many people like me still around…people that have used GoLive since it was actually called GoLive CyberStudio and owned by GoLive Systems Inc. I have been using GoLive for site management on static sites for nine years now and although I knew this day would come…Adobe finally announced they would phase GoLive out in favor of Dreamweaver. Thankfully I only use GoLive for one site (and hand code use CSS for all the others or use a CMS), but after using something for nine years it makes me a little sad to hear it will no longer be updated. (I always did think that version 4 was by far the most superior…and that every version since just brought more bloat.) Goodbye GoLive.
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a fun day with CSS and HD.

Getting rid of tables is extrememly satisfying to me when working with HTML. Fewer tables: cleaner code, easier to maintain code (throw away those WYSIWYG editors), faster loading code, and personally is very satidfying after years of cluttered and extraneous code from GoLive. I spent a good chunk of time today getting rid of hundres of lines of table code per page by replacing the tables with simple lists and some basic CSS, and I feel very happy about the work I did today. I ended up reducing the lines of code by over 50%-60% on each page…and this is only round one of clean up! As I stopped for a few minutes to take a break, I checked out Apple’s HD gallery and was very impressed. Anyone questioning the quality of HD needs to check this out for sure! Also, anyone who wants to see some great footage ranging from seeing a space shuttle launch to a music video, check out the Apple HD gallery.
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