fun Mac OS X screenshots.

I spent the majority of Monday night cleaning up my hardrive, my email, my server space, and my iDisk. During this cleanup I saw some interesting (and in my mind funny) things…I just had to take a screenshot. Enjoy.

The first screenshot is from my Someone had sent me an html email that contained lots of graphics…when I saw the number of attachments I had to laugh. Sometimes I think about putting something similar to that in my CC line of my email for those who copy everyone they ever knew. Stop the insanity! Good work Apple on putting this one in.
Lots of Attachments

The next screenshot was taken when I was uploading my movies to my iDisk. I should only have 1gig of space, but on this day…my Finder thought I had 2 TB of space!
iDisk space
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fun with defaults write in Mac OS X.

Ever since yesterday’s defaults write question and then post, I have been doing some fun research on what else is possible with defaults write
Note:Most of these changes require you to restart the finder after entering these into killall Finder.

  • change your screenshot file format: defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleScreenShotFormat JPEG or TIFF or PNG or PICT
  • Disable outlines around icon names on the desktop: defaults write NSGlobalDomain Desktop.HasDarkBackground 0
  • Show trash on the desktop: defaults write Desktop.HasTrash 1
  • Configure AFP to exclusively use SSH
  • Create a login hook
  • Finally…when someone is driving you completely insane and it is time to show them not to mess with tech support…defaults write AllowCutForItems true This neat trick takes everything you cut but not paste. Everything you cut goes into the trash and not to the clipboard. April Fools!

As you can see, there are endless cool things you can do with defaults write. Check out the defaults man pages!
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