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Serenity Now!

Social Media is Exhausting

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I am not sure about you – but keeping up with x, y, and z, learning about the latest this, and the newest that is pure exhausting. I gave up Facebook over a year ago (still happy about that), really fell off of twitter in the last few weeks, and even stopped posting here. Why? I am overwhelmed. I really need to re-assess what is important and re-focus. Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed by everything out there? Heaven forbid I miss out on something… Read more

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Time to Reconnect and Disconnect

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A few months ago I closed my Facebook account in order to try and stop wasting so much time on my computer/iPad/iPhone looking at my friend’s and family’s daily statuses, game play activity, and other garbage that got fed to me. Since then – I have not looked back and have been enjoying more quality time actually talking to people and not reading about them. I am more and more people are doing the same thing and actually enjoying turning their phone off, not using Facebook, and not being tied down to Twitter. I commend them as it is really... Read More » Read more

Back from Blog Vacation – Goodbye Facebook!

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Just as we all need a vacation from work, etc – I needed a vacation from blogging. I took a month off to think about what I wanted to do with this and my other blogs, as well as my presence on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I have been thinking about the time I spend on Facebook and I blame the time I spend reading about x person needing y item in z game and I realized I do not need it and do not want it. I have this blog, my company blog, my son’s blog and now the twin’s... Read More » Read more

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Jappler Recommends: Trim the Fat With Facebook Status Updates

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I cannot tell you how bothered I am when my “news feed” is littered with all sorts of updates about zoo this, farmville that. I like to keep up to date on family friends but I really do not care about the games they are playing which I am not participating in. Fortunately – Facebook allows you to “hide” statuses from applications. If you want to hide these as well (or anyone in your newsfeed which you might not really care about) – simply hover over the status update and a “hide” link will appear. You can either block that... Read More » Read more


Linkfest Thursdays: July 23, 2009

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Here are some links I found interesting over the last week. Wii Sports Resort I am really looking forward to this. Archery, basketball, table tennis, and more. Get ready! AD Gallery Wow – another great jQuery gallery plugin. This combines all of my favorite functionalities in one. Import your WordPress blog into Facebook Hmm, I know at least one person who might like this. Read more