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DJ Dan Morrell

Every once and awhile I come across music that I really enjoy. If you like upbeat dance music – check out Chicago’s very own DJ Dan Morrell. Make sure you check out his podcasts. I have bought more music after listening to them than I have in a long time! Good stuff. Anything else? Yes […]

Music Podcasts

Glam Scum

I have recently become a fan of a DJ by the name of The Scumfrog and have really enjoyed his podcast called “Glam Scum International”. If you like electronica/club/vocal trance – give him a shot. Make sure to check out episode 8 first (my favorite so far).


New Favorite DJ: Project C

I have a ton of CDs, mp3, etc on my computer, but these days my favorite music to listen is located on an internet radio station: Vocal Trance from DI.FM. I have a few favorite radio stations bookmarked in iTunes, but nothing has been more satisfying than this Vocal Trance station for the last few […]