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I am a huge fan of all Despair.com items, but I had not been there for a few months so when I saw they are now selling shirts (DespairWear) I got really excited. Expect to see me sporting one of these in the near future!

Serenity Now!

Demotivation at it’s Best

If you have not been to despair.com stop now, go there and then come back. For those seasoned workers, now it is your turn to make your own crafty posters with the Parody Motivator Generator. The site is slow loading, but it is worth the wait.



I have been listening to podcasts for awhile now, and I thought it might be interesting for some people to see what I subscribe to: Despair.com – A great demotivating podcast (great for elitists) Pro PHP – Podcast about PHP programming Engadget – Information about the latest tech gadgets and tech new Security Now! – […]