fun with defaults write in Mac OS X.

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Ever since yesterday’s defaults write question and then post, I have been doing some fun research on what else is possible with defaults write Note:Most of these changes require you to restart the finder after entering these into killall Finder. change your screenshot file format: defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleScreenShotFormat JPEG or TIFF or PNG or PICT Disable outlines around icon names on the desktop: defaults write NSGlobalDomain Desktop.HasDarkBackground 0 Show trash on the desktop: defaults write Desktop.HasTrash 1 Configure AFP to exclusively use SSH Create a login hook Finally…when someone is driving you completely insane and it is… Read More »

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Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

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A Mac OS X/UNIX newbie asked me if there was any way to show all the hidden files in Mac OS X so that he could browse the UNIX directories when using the Finder. Since there may be others out there that have the same need/want I thought I would share an easy way to show and then hide all hidden files within the Finder. To show hidden files: open the Terminal application and type: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE. In order for the Finder to recognize the change, restart the Finder by then typing: killall Finder. To hide hidden… Read More »

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