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CSS Tuesday: Images as List Bullets

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There are plenty of ways to spruce up the boring bullets used in HTML lists. The best way and most browser compatible way I have found to do this is using the following code: You can see that here: Example of fancy bullet Another bullet point Vs. The plain list: Example of fancy bullet Another bullet point Something like this may seem simple, but it is often overlooked and can really dress up a site. Read more

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CSS Tuesdays: Keeping it Simple

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I just released my fist two commercial WordPress themes: Lucidity and Lucidity Catalog with a focus on simplicity. After creating over one hundred custom WordPress themes – I decided to take my most requested features, coupled with a slick admin interface, and some really simple XHTML and CSS and put it together to create a really easy to use and customize theme. If you looking for something really easy and clean – take a look at the CSS used. You can see that a little goes a long way! Just remember – keep it simple. When you overcomplicate – you... Read More » Read more

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CSS Tuesdays: Fun With User Agents

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If you are going to do any serious CSS development and/or troubleshooting – you need to be able to see the site on as many browsers as possible. Generally – we have several browsers on several operating systems going at once so we can make sure our bases are covered. Last week I built a mobile theme for a client and after a few refreshes on my iPhone – I decided I needed something easier and more developer friendly (I needed to view source). I use the “Develop” menu in Safari (Preference > Show Develop menu in menu bar) –... Read More » Read more


CSS Tuesdays: Cool Breadcrumbs

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There are plenty of times when you need to have a clear navigation path back to home or to a main section on a particular page, and most web developers use “breadcrumbs” to do this. Over the years, I have implemented breadcrumbs a number of ways, but I really like what I saw on Verlee’s blog. If you are looking to add some style to your breadcrumbs and want to take it to the next step – check out how she used some CSS and clean XHTML to accomplish something like this: Read more


CSS Tuesday: Overide Inline Style

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How many times have you worked with either someone else’s code or some crazy dynamically generated code that uses inline styles for everything which you need to change or override but cannot for some reason or another? I have seen this a lot with custom applications written by programmers who think they are doing designers some sort of favor. Something that I recently found that will allow you to override inline styles: Let’s override that because I think 20px is overkill and I only have access to the stylesheet: Of course that will override any paragraph tag that has an... Read More » Read more