New Paint, Old Color

It is funny how you sometimes seem to always return to the same color. I recently decided to repaint my office (the only room we did not repaint after buying the house) from a boring beige to something a bit richer that would of course look nice with my desk and most importantly – my Apple equipment. I wanted something that would really give some life to the room as well as make the brushed metal of my 23″ Apple display really stand out. I combed through a number of paint samples and came out with a can of paint that I later realized was extremely close to the background color…with a tad of mixed in….which is extremely close to the desktop image I have been using on my main computer for a few years. All in all, I really like blue!

working with colors.

Picking a color scheme for a web site is one of the most important and possibly the most frustrating part of creating new designs – at least for me. I have been recently using Adobe’s Kuler as well as a handful of other color web sites. I can usually get the first two out of three colors without any issue but the accent color always gets me. I usually end up surfing some sites and “accidentally” find the third color I need. Why bring this up? This is the big reason I have not been very active on my blog this week. I have three “from scratch” designs I am working on for clients and have been busy piecing colors together. Anyone have any color resources they want to share, please leave a comment.