super snow!

We got some super snow over the last few days and I am loving it! Yesterday we got so much snow it was a two time snowblower day which is always fun. This is by far the most snow I have ever seen here (Chicago) since moving from the Buffalo area and our streets are covered and it is getting difficult to look to the left and right when pulling out of neighborhood streets because of the big snow piles. The snow is so wet and heavy (with a good inch or so of slush under it all) that the snow blower was barely making it in some deep spots…but thank goodness we have one or I would have to abandon my car and only use the Land Rover until it melted because it is too heavy to shovel.

It was nice to be able to take a break mid-day and go out with Evan for a little bit. We took him outside in his snow suit and pulled him around in his sled which he liked (when we went fast). I look forward to when he is a little older and we can build snowmen and forts together…and gang up on Amy with snowballs. 😉

A Saturday With Ben!

Someone that I worked with for eight years came to town this past weekend for a meeting and I was fortunate enough to meet up with him on Saturday. It was quite interesting to me that I felt as though he never left – we just picked up where we left off. (Except for the fact we were both working different places and happy working) A big thanks to Ben for a nice Saturday, his chauffeur services, the dinner at Lawry’s, and the wonderful picture I have hanging in my office! Rock on!

Chicago Winters

I have to say, I really love the rich tradition that Chicago has as a city and winters in Chicago are very interesting if nothing else. We do not usually get the lake effect snow like Buffalo because we are on the east side of Lake Michigan, but we do get the occasional flurry.
What I love about Chicago winters:

  • One of my favorite traditions is the “save your shoveled parking spot with a lawn chair”. If you are not familiar with this concept, listen to the story NPR created about saving spots.
  • I also enjoy the fact that the city and suburbs cannot effectively clear snow from the streets and highways. It is called a snow plow Chicago – not a garbage truck with a plow. Spend the money. If anyone has ever complained about being cold or experiencing cold wind – try walking within a block of the Sears Tower.
  • I love how kids use land fills and empty reservoirs as sledding hills
  • I love that the Sears Tower always funnels so much wind that as soon as you turn the corner and are within two blocks of it, you are instantly iced to the bone regardless how much winter gear you have on.
  • Lastly, I really enjoy the “Caution Falling Ice” signs that all the tall buildings have in front of their buildings. Do we really need this thought going through our head as we look up 20-100 stories and think about falling sharp objects? Thanks for the warning.

chicago 2016?

Chicago 2016

The city of Chicago is trying to bring the Olympics to our wonderful city in 2016. Yesterday, our mayor unveiled the “Chicago 2016” logo, which I think is awesome. In typical Chicago fashion, the logo contains a reference to our amazing skyline.

Now that I think about it a little bit, it is a little interesting that they used our buildings/skyline in the flame part of the logo since we had a little fire here a few years ago. Sort of ironic/iconic. I like the logo even more now! Great work Chicago! I can only hope we actually get the games here so we can finally show the world how amazing our city is and everything it has to offer.

On another note, go Penn State and the Chicago Bears this weekend. Penn State is playing Michigan…which is always a tough game. On the Bears front, they are undefeated and actually a joy to watch…unlike the last few years of much armchair quarterbacking from me ;).

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big update weekend.

The big talk in our wonderful city today was about the “Sears Tower terror plot” that did not happen, thank goodness. I am about two blocks away from the Sears Tower four days a week.

In other news, XOOPS is going to release XOOPS version 2.0.14 on Monday which among several things, will bring LDAP Authentication support to XOOPS. Yeah! Time to get ready to play with the new update before I push it to my production sites.

If all goes well tomorrow on the golf course aka, I come back in a good mood ready to put in a few hours of work…I will also check out the newly released alpha of Tasks Pro 1.7. I have been longing for tagging for awhile now and I know Alex King will not disappoint.

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