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Media Mondays: Harper's Island

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I did not start watching the series Harper’s Island until two weeks ago – but have since caught up on all the episodes and would recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of some horror-like plot lines. I was surprised how good it was and eagerly await the new episodes – even if there are only a handful left. If you are bored – or cannot find anything on TV – check it out on CBS’s web site where you can watch all the episodes online for free! Read more

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Full TV Episodes on Your Computer, Take Two

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about how you can legally watch almost all network shows on their web site. I wanted to follow up with some comments and afterthoughts. First, I feel it is necessary to say something about each network’s video player. (ABC, CBS, NBC) Best Online Video Experience Rating ABC. By far, ABC has the best player. There are plenty of shows available, the video is crisp, it loads fast (little to no waiting), the commercials interruptions are not too frequent, and the UI is great. Overall, it is well put together. CBS. I have not watched... Read More » Read more


Full TV Episodes on the Web (Legal)

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I have been watching TV shows on the web through the big Network’s web sites (ABC, CBS, NBC) for a little over a year now when the TiVO or the TiVO user fails to catch a show I am interested in, but I really had not checked out all the big network’s full episode catalogs in awhile. I mainly go to ABC to catch up on Brothers and Sisters and had also decided to check out a few new series (I really like Car Poolers). I then decided to go to CBS and NBC’s catalogs and I was very impressed!... Read More » Read more