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Install Varnish in Under 5 Minutes With Bitnami

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If you have been following my posts for the last month (or talked to me about what I have been up to recently) you will not be surprised I have another post about the ease of use/awesome documentation when using Bitnami. I still am 100% impressed with the documentation – as each example I have followed has worked flawlessly (not something I can say much…especially after spending an evening trying to fix my PS3 vs. play it a few nights ago). What is Varnish? Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You... Read More » Read more

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Bitnami Applications: Test Drive Applications

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Ever curious how something like Redmine, DreamFactory, or a number of other tools, content management systems, etc looked like/worked? If you did – but did not have the time to download the code, configure your server, etc – Bitnami to the rescue (again!). Within minutes, you can have a server up and running with everything you need, configured and ready to go with in a few painless steps: View a list of applications available: Select an application you want to test drive Launch a free server instance Check it out for an hour, and the decide if the application... Read More » Read more

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Install Memcache in Under 5 Minutes with Bitnami

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The more I work with Bitnami, the more I absolutely love it. After migrating a number of applications over to my server – I realized I could benefit from using Memcache. I decided to do a quick look at the documentation for Bitnami and found exactly what I needed. Within 5 minutes I had Memcache up and running. Of course after I did that – I also took a closer look to see what other PHP modules were available – and installed a few more. What I love most? The documentation is great and everything I try actually works –... Read More » Read more