Looking For Inspiration for Over 12 Years: Apple.com

Over the past 12 years (I remember starting to look to Apple for great web design back in 1999) – I have often looked to Apple’s web site for best practices in navigation (top/tabbed), general layout, and usage of imagery when thinking about designing web sites for myself or my clients. I have to admit – in the last year or so I have not gone to Apple’s web site to really spend time looking at what they have done new, until this morning. Look for some proof of this time spent in my next WordPress premium theme.

It did not take long to realize Apple still does web design right. Everything is extremely clean, easy to navigate, the imagery is beautiful, and even the text looks amazing. Apple does a great job of spacing everything, adding in just enough cool javascript (sliders/slideshows, etc) to make everything extremely clean and perfectly executed.

Next time you are thinking about creating a design – take a few minutes and zip around the Apple web site. You cannot help but to be inspired. They have put in an amazing amount of time to piece together something that is truly amazing and I am sure will continue to do so in the years to come.

My iPad

My iPad…do I love it? Yes.
Is it everything I imagined? Yes.
Is it better than expected? Yes.
Is the keyboard easy to use? Yes.
Do I love it? Oh my yes.
Am I using it now for this post? Yes!

Beautiful work Apple. I best describe this as “the future”.

Ahh, the iPad

Well – I have been holding my breath since the death of the Newton (10+ years ago) for something like the iPad and the day is finally here.

Will I get one? For sure!

Even the first version? Yes!
(Even though Ben usually gets screwed with version 1 of Apple products – my favorite all time Apple products have been version 1 (my beloved Blue & White, iPhone, Mac Mini, and the Bondi blue iMac)

Will I stand in line for it? Possibly – depends on the weather.

What do I love about it?

  1. I have been thinking about getting a new laptop for the kitchen or the livingroom – just something to have around to check email and look things up on the web. Now I can get something cool and cheap!
  2. I travel a lot…and with a 3 year old. My iPhone has been great for him (photos, games, videos) – this will be better.
  3. I can easily watch my favorite episodes of Modern Family now anywhere, any time – very easily – on a great display.
  4. The price. How amazing was that – to be completely shocked with the low price (usually Apple shocks you the other way)
  5. Ken will have some crappy complaint(s) about it and I will laugh and laugh as I enjoy mine and watch him get one a few years later 😉

I think Apple did a great job with the initial release and look forward to buying one soon! I really think this is exactly what my grandparents need as well (and my parents if they had high speed or wifi).

The Only Apple x Killer is Apple

All these crazy commercials and talk about the new Droid phone makes me smile. I think back about all the proposed “Apple x killers (x = Mac, Newton, iPod, iPhone) and what makes me smile is there is no third party Apple product killer and I do not see any in the foreseeable future.

The only real threat that these products have/had is actually Apple itself. Either Apple will kill it internally (Newton) or will create something bigger and better that will replace it’s own product.

So even though I enjoyed the Droid commercials – it all sounded a bit familiar (recently with the “iPod killer” Zune) – which come on, who knows someone that has one and has got you so excited you had to have one?

Companies may try and copy, add new functionality that people want…but when it comes down to it, there is just something about those Apple products…

Have a great weekend!

A Trip Down Apple Memory Lane

I have been a die hard Apple fan since I can remember. I have a closet full of old Apple products (desktops, laptops, a Cube, eMates, Newtons, displays, iPods, etc) that I have either had in the past or have since bought for my collection. I ran across a blog post filled with pictures (and memories) of The Evolution of Apple Design Between 1977-2008. If you were ever an Apple fan or have an interest in design – check this out!

On another note – I have been collecting all this Apple stuff so that one day I can go through all of it with my kid(s) and show them just how far we have come. Let’s hope they at least find it semi-interesting!

Apple High

I have had an Apple high a few times in my life (the day my PowerBook 520, PowerMac 6500, B&W G3, G4 Cube, 2 Mac Minis, and a MacBook Pro arrived at my door) and I remember each one of them very vividly. Today – I had an unexpected Apple high…I had been having problems with my iPhone (bottom part of the screen was dead) for about a week and finally decided to make an appointment with the Apple Store Genius. I showed up, showed them the problem (with my out of warranty iPhone) – and just like that, I got a new iPhone at no cost. I fully expected to pay for a new one when I showed up and was more than thrilled when I walked away from the store with a brand new iPhone. Great customer service Apple!

Seriously Apple – Find an iMovie Interface and Stick to It

Wow. How many times will Apple release a new version of iMovie and completely change the interface and how it works? I cannot tell you how many versions now I have used of iMovie that were completely different than the previous. Each time I have to either waste an hour or so to figure out how to work with my media or read the manual. Good thing I am not afraid to do both – but I feel bad for people who are not as patient as I am.

Amy recently took a grad class on technology in the classroom and the instructor on the last day was going to show everyone how to use iMovie, but unfortunately, the computer they provided to him was new and had the new version of iMovie (iMovie 7) and he was used to iMovie 6…and so he could not do anything. Seriously Apple…

PS – Happy birthday Salsa and the iMac!

Apple Saves the Day

Apple saves the day for me:

Hello Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear the titles you purchased from the iTunes Store with account “[email protected]” were lost. I can certainly see how this would be upsetting and I would like to help. iTunes Store Customer Support has decided to let you download (at no charge) all the titles you purchased on this account that are still available.

Thank you Apple!

Lost iTunes Music

Recently I had my backup drive die which doubled as my music drive (dumb). I also in the past few weeks – cleaned out my off site backups which included my music (dumb). After not being very excited with what happened – I decided to do some research on some of my options to get my music back. With my fingers crossed – I submitted a form to Apple asking them if I could get my purchased music back: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/store/lostmusic/. Let’s hope this works!

Copy to Clipboard in the Command Line Interface (CLI)

Ever wonder how to copy something from the command line into the Mac OS clipboard? If you want to copy/paste a files content (perhaps a log file or a conf file, etc) into the clipboard to use outside of the CLI, you can use the commands pbcopy and pbpaste. Example: I want to copy the contents of my public key to the clipboard (so I can send it to a server admin who will use it in allowing me to access their subversion repository).

All I would need to do is:
cat id_dsa.pub | pbcopy

(cat writes out the content and then it is piped (|) into the clipboard) This comes in handy!