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Crazy Signs/Places Serenity Now!

US Post Office Sign

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Some things in life just make me laugh…and one of those signs are crazy signs. The other day I had to send something next day at the post office and when I pulled into the parking lot of one of the most ineffective establishments in the US (only second to the DMV) I had to laugh when I saw the sign that only allowed parking for 20 minutes because I cannot tell you the last time I was at a post office and was in and out within 20 minutes…on even a slow day. To the US Postal Service –... Read More » Read more

Crazy Signs/Places

Trip to the North Woods

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I spent the weekend relaxing up in the North Woods of Wisconsin in St. Germain where the pace of life is much different than here in Chicago. We enjoyed time with some of our friends who went with us, the Beef-a-rama, and some very scenic drives. I wish I had my phone with me while checking into the hotel because there was a great sign behind the registration desk “Check-in is at 3pm. Don’t Even ask” (with a picture of a revolver before “Don’t even ask”. I loved it. I also learned the locals are not huge Illinois loves. They... Read More » Read more

Crazy Signs/Places Serenity Now!

Spitting is Prohibited But Making Crazy Signs is Ok

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I love interesting and crazy signs (Ex: garage sale) and after looking through some pictures with a friend who recently returned from New Zealand, I thought I would share yet another great sign that someone decided to make and post. Even better…there is a law against spitting and a fine attached! Read more

Crazy Signs/Places Serenity Now!

The Great Entertaining South

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I get such a kick out of the south…and this sign is a perfect example. There was such a huge problem with garage sales apparently taking over the bank parking lot that they decided to spend the money to design and produce a sign letting people know that garage sales are not allowed. Wow. Thanks for the laugh…and thanks to my southern friends for capturing this great picture on their trip home over the holidays. Read more