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Life happens in the small moments…enjoy and learn from them.


Home Owner’s Tax Exemption

After talking to one of my more resourceful co-workers, I found out that our county offers a nice tax exemption for home owners…but you need to sign up to get this tax break…in person at the county tax office. I am not sure how common this is around the country, but it is definitely something […]


An Interesting Time

I have a post in mind but I need to gather some data before I get into it. Time to call the grandparents and parents for some generational points of views. Until then, check out an article on Kerry concedes.


A Proud Day

It is once again the first Tuesday after the first Monday in Novemeber. I was proud to turn in my punched ballot this morning before I went to work, and I hope this election charges the country up for future elections because every vote does count. (but why are we still having problems counting these […]


Hole in One!

Well, I had the pleasure of witnessing my friend’s first hole in one on Sunday November 31, 2004. Congratulations Doug! On another note, check this out: Perhaps a good investiment for me since I seem to attact interesting people.


Presidential Ties/Colors

Is it me or does anyone else wonder why every time we see President Bush, even while rhe was running for office in 1999, that he always wore and still wears the same color tie? You know the one…the light blue color. Who is the brain power behind this decision? Now, every once and awhile […]


Finally, The Prodigy Releases a New CD!

I still remember the day when a co-worker told me I would like this group called The Prodigy. Turns out she was right. That was back in 1997, today it is 2004…and it has been a long seven years since I had new material from them, but so far I really like the album. A […]


Project Rebirth

I enjo coming across great web sites that are well done, and here is the latest: This link was passed to me from my father-not-in-law who lives near NYC and always keeps me on top of all things 9/11. The time lapsed camera is awesome.


Wedding Registries

Well, it is that time again, a relative is getting married and has registered for gifts. While I think wedding registers are very helpful for people that actually want to get people what they want, I also find some of the items a bit much. Enter, the $45.00 nickel plated toilet brush. Yes, a nickel […]


Umbrella Carrying/Using in Chicago

Ok, so what is the deal with the golf umbrellas downtown? Does one person really need the gigantic umbrella all for themselves? On my way home last night in the pouring rain I was reminded of how much I hate rain in Chicago. First, we have to deal with all the wind, and if you […]



Perhaps people do not realize how important voting really is, perhaps people do not fully understand the President’s duties. Something to consider.

Serenity Now!

my newest sport: the daily commute.

In high school, I played basketball, volleyball, was on the golf team, on the track team and played some serious back yard football. I was very athletic. I miss playing all the sports I did when I was younger, but I have to say I am still using things I learned from all of the […]