Not Yahoo! Over yahoo! Web Hosting

I have enjoyed looking at multiple hosting options through clients in the last few months. Yesterday I worked with Plesk on one account and another who uses Yahoo! for hosting. Just as I was getting ready to write a positive blog post on Yahoo’s web hosting I ran into a snag when uploading and preparing the WordPress site for my client…Yahoo! does not allow you to use mod_rewrite Permalinks. So instead of having nice URLs like /services/ and /contact/ you have to use ?page_d=4. Gross. So in short – if you are using WordPress and want to maintain it yourself (always have the latest, most secure version, etc) I do not recommend using Yahoo! for WordPress sites.

happy halloween!


Although Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I do enjoy when companies throw in a little Halloween flare. I decided to play a little Yahoo! pool today and I quickly noticed that Yahoo! added a little pumpkin near the ball I was aiming for. Nice touch!

On another note, check out the WordPress post a few days ago, as I recently updated it with the permanent fix!
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I just happened to stumble onto something pretty interesting: as I was reading about it’s sale on eBay. If you are like me…live to search, search to live (if I do not know, I search for it) you might be interested in trying out jux 2 – a meta search engine that will show you the best results for your query but it also allows you to compare that with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. SEO fans should find this useful as well. Give it a whirl – it is at least worth a quick look.
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