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Jappler Recommends: Best Tools of the Trade

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In the last year or so I have really found a great set of tools that I use for almost any/all projects if needed. If you are considering building a web site or a web application – consider taking a look at the following (and consider using this as your “WWJU (what would Jen use) list: CMS: WordPress Javascript Library: jQuery Slideshow: jQuery Cycle Accordion: jQuery Accordion Open Source Flash Player: Flow Player JS UI Tools: jQuery Tools (overlays, tooltips, etc) JS QA Tool: JS Lint (find/correct those errors!) Web Site Best Practices: Yahoo! Recommendations Minify Tool: minify (minify your... Read More » Read more

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Something For Ben, Ken, and Doug

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We all need them. We all use them. We all realize the power – but with the exception of Ben – we all run into road blocks and frustration when we try and put something together. What are they? Regular Expressions. Take a look at the cool RegEx testing tool where you can easily test your regular expressions. Read more

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Jappler Recommends: Babel Fish Translation

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My company is working on one of the largest projects we have ever done and the entire project (a 153 field application form, admin, scoring admin, etc) has to be done in both English and Spanish. This has been a fun project all around. This is the first time I have worked with Ruby on Rails and with localization. Fortunately enough, I found a great tool which I had never used before: Babel Fish Translation. I can input all my form labels and text into the English to Spanish translator and viola! I should mention I started with the Google... Read More » Read more