out with rocketboom, in with amanada across america!

I have been a faithful Rocketboom video blog watcher for almost a year now. I was very disappointed when Amanda Congdon left the scene as the host, but I thought I would give the new host a chance. After a few months of watching Rocketboom post Amanda I have finally decided to stop watching it…I am not a joanne fan (the new host). On a more positive note, I have enjoyed Amanda’s latest video blog: Amanda Across America which has focused on interviewing truly interesting people who look to improve our country and world. If you have some time, or are bored, or have an interest for alternative energy sources, like hybrids, or want to watch something refreshing by a great and upbeat interviewer, check out Amanda Across America.

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oregon trail goodness.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail is one of my favorite games of all times. As I was watching RocketBoom on Monday (brought to me by my TiVo), I had to laugh when I saw Amanda’s shirt “You have died of dysentery” because I absolutely loved it. As a die hard fan, who still plugs in my Apple IIgs on occasion to play Oregon Trail, I knew I needed this shirt or this shirt! After searching for “Oregon Trail shirts”, I cannot beleive how many are out there. Look out, my summer wardrobe just got 4x cooler! 😉
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video blogs.

Yeah, I am late to post about video blogs, but hopefully this will be news for some ;). I have been watching Rocketboom for a little over a month now and love it (today it went high def!). Not only do I watch it…my TiVo downloads it and has it ready for me every night I get home from work. Yeah…that is slick.

Rocketboom a lot because I get introduced to goodies like wikiCalc which almost gets me excited at the thought of using a spreadsheet. For all the other video blogs I watch on a regular basis, I use FireAnt, and highly recommend it.

Not watching video blogs yet? Download FireAnt now that you know what it is and tune in!
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