Media Mondays: Terminator Salvation

I was a die hard Terminator fan back in the 1990s. My sister and I watched the first two movies quite a few times on VHS. I have every edition of T2 on DVD and when I went to Penn State back in 1995 – I had already hung up 3 T2 posters in my dorm room before my roommate showed up. Let’s just say I am a hardcore fan.

When my sister and I heard T3 was coming out – I made arrangements to fly to her house so we could see it in the theatre opening night. We walked out extremely displeased and neither one of us has watched it since.

I kept going back and forth about the latest Terminator movie – but finally decided to see it when my friend Doug asked me to go. We saw the movie yesterday and to my surprise – I actually thought it was good. The film definitely tried to get back to it’s roots. There was a ton of Terminator and Terminator 2 references (almost over the top) and the story was pretty solid as well. The one thing that I did notice that lacked – was the soundtrack. The soundtrack to T2 added to the intensity and overall film in both of the first films.

Overall – if you enjoyed the series until now – it is definitely worth it to see it in the theatre.