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Linkfest Thursday: July 9, 2009

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Here are some links that I have found interesting over the last week or two – and hopefully you will as well. Hulu collection of Michael Jackson’s memorial Missed the broadcast of his memorial service or just want to see the best parts? Check this out in minutes, not hours. RIP Michael. WordPress Console Check your WordPress code, play with WordPress functions, etc all within a “console”. Perfect for the theme or plugin developer! Paul Oakenfold’s Podcast All the sudden I realized it had been too long since I listened to one of my favorite DJs of all time. Now... Read More » Read more


Random Fridays: Happy Fourth of July!

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I have had an insane week. Three big site launches (only one made it), a huge QA project (14 sites), my first released WordPress theme (not quite released – I still need to get the about pages together for my company site), major rush jobs from all fronts, babysitting two additional greyhounds, Michael Jackson’s death,and too many conference calls. Phew. Time to take a half day and trim the bushes in the front yard Disney style…or at least thinking about how cool it would be to have a dinosaur shaped bush in my yard 😉 Anyways – hopefully next week... Read More » Read more