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First Step: Read

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I posted a Job Listing over the weekend to try and get a few more applicants and have a few that I am going to interview this week. I am quite happy with some of the people who replied and I hope at least one of them works out. On a side note – it has been interesting to see those that actually read my listing vs. just apply. I got a number of non USA residents that applied as well as a number of people without portfolios. At least there was an easy way to separate out the “definitely... Read More » Read more


SDAC Inc Is Hiring

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I was away for a few days on a trip visiting family in Florida. While I like to travel – I really do not enjoy the hectic times planning everything (do I have everything packed? Does E have everything? Where is the dog going? Did you set everything up for the cats? Are we leaving our car in long term parking?) and the even more hectic time at the airport and on the plane with a two year old. Now that I am home, now behind on work, and exhausted…I realize I need to hire someone to help with the... Read More » Read more

Hints Life

Career Advice for College Students (or Anyone)

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I returned from a trip to my alma mater, The Pennsylvania State University, a few days ago after getting asked to speak at the History Department career fair. I was one of seven speakers at the event. We all had various non-traditional history degree careers (which was the point) and surprisingly we all had a very similar message to give to everyone. Network. We all got to where we were by connections and relationships we had made along the way. Get yourself out there. Most of our first job experiences were not what we wanted to do for the rest... Read More » Read more