Clean Up that Photo Library!

In the past few days I have found it really hard to focus on work because my mind keeps drifting back to Triscuit. Because of this I have tried to do some things that I have been meaning to do but have not had time/want to do them. One of them: take a break and walk every single day. The other so far: clean out that nasty iPhoto Library. Gone are the blurred, duplicates, and photos I really do not care about. I feel so much better about my photos now. Not only did I decrease the size of my library, I made it easier to backup/restore, and have made it much more manageable. If you are like me and are overwhelmed with something like this – do it in steps. Go through a few to a few hundred pictures at a time. Scared? Make a backup first. Trust me, you will feel so much better!

walgreens online photo center.

Since I purchased a digital camera a few years ago, I never had the need to print photos out. Any photo that I really liked ended up on my web site or as a desktop picture. Now that I have a baby – and multiple people who would like printed photos, I decided to it was time to check out some online photo services that offered easy printing solutions. I happened to have an online account with Walgreens already for prescriptions and I am signed up to get their generic web site announcements via email, so when I saw that they offered online uploading, organizing, printing, etc I thought I would give it a shot. It would be one less account to create.

I sat down with my mother and chose 30 pictures in Apple’s iPhoto that we wanted processed. I had to download a browser plugin (under 1mb) which allowed me, once I was logged into the Walgreens online photo center, to choose a folder on my computer with pictures. I could select one at a time or all. Then, all the pictures I selected were uploaded to Walgreen’s web site at once. Once the pictures were uploaded, I could do minor adjustments (rotate, redeye, sepia, black and white, etc), choose borders for the pictures, create calendars, create greetings cards, or order matte/glossy pictures in any size.

I quickly and easily chose multiple prints, some 5×7 and some 4×6. The pictures were ready to pick up within the hour and they looked great. Better yet, since I have family all around the country – Walgreens makes it possible for me to upload, edit, order the pictures then have them developed at any Walgreens in the US. This is wonderful for me since my grandparents live far away…but they have a Walgreens around the block. I would highly recommend this service.