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I Voted: PSU Alumni Trustee Election 2012

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I have been waiting to vote in this election (Alumni Trustee Election) since November of last year. While it is no secret who I want to win – I have high hopes for these three new members. Let’s hope the new elected trustees ruffle a few feathers and can get Penn State turned in the right direction. On another Penn State note – this weekend is the Blue & White game. It will be a great and a sad day. Let’s hope our new coach has a great first experience in Beaver Stadium. Read more


Our Broken Political System: Fixed Jappler Style

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Tomorrow is mid-term elections and over the last few weeks I have grown more and more disgusted with the campaign tactics and politicians in generally. Not only do we have to put up with horrible attack ads, we have to also put up with “well they are not going to do anything with issue y in an election year”. Sometimes government just does not seem to work – even with the best intentions. There are multiple issues with our current state of government and I would like to go over two issues I think some major overhauling. Campaigning Campaigning is... Read More » Read more