Management Tip: The 3 Ds

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Running a business can be both rewarding and stressful. Over the years – my biggest stress is that I could (and still can) be the bottleneck with projects which then causes even more stress. Wildly enough – I learned one of the most important lessons that has helped me run a business from PTA training.

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How to Get Stuff Done

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The last few weeks I have been extremely busy and on top of that I have been dealing with a sick child and also being sick myself. There is no time to be wasted so efficient use of the time I had was crucial. I feel that since owning my own business, I have had to work very hard to make the most of my time and have a few tips: Focus on 1-3 big tasks per day. Any more tasks than 3 will most likely cause you to spend too much time switching gears. I have begun making a… Read More »

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Email Overload? Here Are Some Tips.

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Most people rely on email for their day to day business and personal communication – so much so that your mailboxes are most likely overflowing. Here are a few tips I have practiced over the last few years to keep my email under control. Make a judgement call with each email message you receive. If it will be beneficial in the future to view, keep it, if not, get rid of it on the spot. You will be amazed at how many message you have like this – and cluttered they make your mailboxes. Toss out the “Thanks”, “Got It”,… Read More »

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Rake Smarter

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I have a decent size backyard and after years of raking – I finally figured out how to rake more effectively. Don’t be the first person on the block to start raking. People have a tendency to start raking way too early. If you are the first, other neighbor’s leaves are going to just blow into your yard, and most likely you failed to look up and see a lot more leaves on the trees. Only start raking after there has been a good wind or rain storm. I always wait until after a good wind storm or rain before… Read More »

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