wordpress 2.3 updates: afterthoughts.

I have not updated multiple web sites from WordPress 2.2.x to 2.3 and wanted to share some afterthoughts. I enjoy working with WordPress because of the simplicity of their upgrades.

  • Eight out of ten sites sites I updated so far to 2.3 had no problems whatsoever.
  • The two sites (this one was one of them) that had errors were due to outdated plugins. Once I updated the plugins to the latest versions – everything ran smoothly.
  • None of the themes I had created had any problems and some of them are quite complicated.
  • Out of all the CMSes I have installed and supported, I think WordPress is by far, the easiest to maintain and the least likely to have major problems after the upgrade. I believe this is because of the talented developers and testers behind WordPress. Great work – it is much appreciated!!

If you have not upgraded yet – be sure and check out my post on upgrading WordPress to 2.3 and enjoy the new version!