Nice Work Volvo!

I became a Volvo driver for life the moment I sat down in my friend Casey’s 1982 Volvo in college. There is just something about them…and I am now on my third Volvo myself. Volvo has introduced some great things over the years that went onto affect the entire auto industry (the first car company to use the 3 point seatbelts – made standard in all Volvo cars in 1959). I was born almost 20 years later and still remember my parents having a few cars with out those seatbelts standard!).

Anyway – I just read about something really slick in their new 2009 S80 Executive:

The front seats surround you with perforated leather and are ventilated using built-in fans in the cushions and seat backs to provide extra comfort during hot days. And to really spoil you during long journeys, these seats also feature a new massage function in the lumbar section.

Hello – hot days in the car and long trips where I could really use a massage. Awesome!