Gentle Reminder: Check Your Backups

Every once and awhile I make sure to check to make sure my backups are in place, sufficient, and running. It is also a good idea to go through a restore once and awhile too to make sure you know how to actually do a restore and also so you know that the process you have in place actually works.

If you do not have a backup system in place – there is no excuse. Stop what you are doing and at least take a look at something like Jungle Disk. You can easily backup your data (automatically) online for a cost that that is worth every penny.

Seriously – stop what you are doing and take 5 minutes to think or re-think about your backups.

Lost iTunes Music

Recently I had my backup drive die which doubled as my music drive (dumb). I also in the past few weeks – cleaned out my off site backups which included my music (dumb). After not being very excited with what happened – I decided to do some research on some of my options to get my music back. With my fingers crossed – I submitted a form to Apple asking them if I could get my purchased music back: Let’s hope this works!