open dns.

A few months ago I read about Open DNS and thought “wow, I should really check that out” but then I never did. Finally I revisited it tonight, updated my router with the Open DNS servers, and wow – I can see a big difference in speed…and I am not over exaggerating. Doug – try this now. Ken – try this now (even though I know you won’t). Perhaps Dad M should also try this too. Not only is it super fast it also corrects common spelling mistakes on the fly. jappler.vom = To make it even better – it is free and you do not have to create any sort of account. Great service!

battle of the midwest.

What a weekend! My family came to town to meet and visit with me and then on Sunday, we watched the Bears make it through the NFL playoffs…and they actually played an excellent game! I am quite excited to see the Bears play the Colts in SuperBowl! Great job Chicago. PS. I still do not like Rex.

microsoft firefox 2007 professional edition?

I know I generally post before my daily intake of caffeine, but this morning while going through my news via RSS, I had to do a double take when I read that there is now a microsoft firefox 2007 professional edition. As a web developer, I will be very curious to just where Microsoft goes with this new “version”. I have to say I am a bit scared after reading the full feature list because of this:

“Microsoft Firefox 2007 will support many of the new Microsoft standards on the web to make browsing the web a richer experience and easier to develop for.”

Yikes. Here we go.

All I Want is HDTV

I did not think getting HDTV was going to be so hard. Last summer I finally dropped over priced crappy Comcast for DirecTV. I have not had any issues with DirecTV and overall have been very happy with their service and picture quality. I recently bought a new TV and decided that the next step was obviously an upgrade to DirecTV’s HDTV programming. I had an appointment with the service technician yesterday to get everything installed so I could watch the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl in HD. Unfortunately the person from DirecTV told me I had too many trees in the way for their HD signals. I am now stuck with their standard signal (which was ok for the old TV, but it looks crappy on the new TV) until at least August unless I pay to break the contract. Not only does that suck, but my alternative is going to be going back to overpriced Comcast. Yuck! What to do…

web developer plugin: display ruler.

Fun with Web Developer Extension

When I recently updated my browser, Firefox, to the latest release and noticed that some of my extensions also needed to be updated. I do not use many extensions, but I absolutely love and rely on the Web Developer Extension. I had not gone through all the drop down menus in awhile within the Web Developer Toolbar, so today I thought I would just look around a bit more…and I am glad I did because I found another awesome tool for web development: the ruler. (This feature was added in a previous version, it is just new to me.) If you like a certain web site or want to take measurements of a particular page element, you can measure it quickly and easily by clicking on the “Miscellanous” menu and then by choosing “Display Ruler”. You can then either enter in dimensions, or expand the ruler yourself to measure something. This is wonderful!

tivotogo for mac.

Finally, as a Mac user, I can use TivoToGo, but there is a downside…it comes with Toast. (I thought I was done with Toast in the late 1990s). Still, I appreciate their effort and will most likely buy it.

apple's iphone.

For years I have been talking about and dreaming of an iPhone. Up until this morning I figured Apple would release a simple entry level phone that would be fun for the same people who are likely to buy an iPod Shuffle or an iPod Nano. Little did I know, the new iPhone would be so darn cool! I love my Blackberry 8700, but the iPhone with it’s awesome design and amazing features is exactly what I want. Will I buy it when it comes out? It will be hard not to, but if I can hold out, I will for the revision. Nice work Apple Inc!

The Great Entertaining South

No garage sales?

I get such a kick out of the south…and this sign is a perfect example. There was such a huge problem with garage sales apparently taking over the bank parking lot that they decided to spend the money to design and produce a sign letting people know that garage sales are not allowed. Wow. Thanks for the laugh…and thanks to my southern friends for capturing this great picture on their trip home over the holidays.