Content Management, Rethought

After reading a few messages from my php mailing list, I again stopped to think about a content management system. Plone is amazing, but unless you have access to your own server, or have a host that supports Zope/Plone, you need something else to work with. I was intrigued by XOOPS until I went to my CMS info site. Not too much good stuff to say. I was excited that it was object oriented and that it used Smarty, but looks like I will keep looking, or perhaps make my own one of these days. Stay tuned.

content management systems.

So perhaps you have considered implementing a content management system for yourself of your company. I have gone back and forth several times. Do I want to use one because of all the feautures and role based options? Do I want to not use one so I can fully customize everything? Do I have time to learn how to do everything and then use work arounds to make what I want to work work?

Over the last year or two, I have looked at Post Nuke, Drupal, and Plone. I was the most impressed with Plone because of how mature it was and the fact that it uses Zope, and Zope is very powerful. I have installed, uninstalled, benn impressed, been frustrated with all of them, but it is time to look at them again. How do you make a decision about which solution to use or at least look at?

Sure I might not end up using one, but they are so tempting with all the features they offer. More to come later.