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Apache Web Development

Apache Support

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After spending the weekend with my parents, proud new owners of a G4 14″ iBook, I realized why I get paid the big bucks for administering computers/servers. The biggest contribution to my wealth: I read manuals. I also frequent application specific support web sites, and I sign up for listervs. I have been working with Apache for four years and have been able to learn a lot about it through all of the usual support mechanisms, but Apache also offers something great for problems that cannot wait: an irc channel with some of the best and brightest Apache developers and... Read More » Read more


New OS, New Community

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I have been using Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server since the beginning. Installing Mac OS X Server 1.0 was something of a wake up call with a NeXT looking interface and this group called “wheel” that had me a little concerned because I had no clue why I would have a group called “wheel” for. Shortly after my first NeXT/UNIX experience I began to find that there were great software packages freely available and often well documented and supported that communities of people developed and maintained. Read more


Black Sneakers Do Not Equal Black Dress Shoes!

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Ok, I have put in enough time thinking about how ridiculous people look when they try to pull the “black sneakers=black dress shoes” when they dress themselves in the morning. Men: do not wear sneakers with suits and try to pass them off as shoes just because they do not have logos on them. As Jackie Chiles would say, “they look hideous, ludicrous, and outrageous.” Spend $75.00 and get yourself a nice pair of shoes. Comfort does not have to mean sneakers. Read more


Adult Happy Meal?

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Wow, I have seen a lot of stupid things, but nothing could have prepared me to see a steady stream of adults carrying “Adult Happy Meals” out of the McDonalds near my office. A grown person carrying aound a big stupid Happy Meal box…it was just not cool. How did McDonalds create such a nasty looking box? Is the box needed? As I made eye contact with a few men that were carrying these monster boxes out, we exchanged the same thought…”wow this is stupid, but they are including a pedometer as the toy, and that is cool.” <a href=""... Read More » Read more