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Hosting Web Development

Web Hosts, A Journey

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 1 Comment

I had been wanting to move my personal web site on a server that supported both PHP and MySQL for awhile since I started working with the two technologies. After talking to a friend about it, he suggested I find a host and do month to month billing until I am satisfied with the hosting company. My first stop on the hosting journey: TowerHost. TowerHost had great prices and good plans, but horrible support. Ex. They offered IMAP mail, yet do a search in their support section for IMAP, nothing. I filled out a support form, and it took over... Read More » Read more

Apple UNIX Web Development

Tiger Server 10.4 Makes Me Growl

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Well it is WWDC time and Apple has released information about my friend and your’s Mac OS X Server, the new improved version. We finally get mobile home directories, I am really excited about that, but then Apple talks about “Certificate management”….gee I wonder if you can rename the cert files (when you serve more than one site) and have apache start? That might be too much to ask, but I am glad Apple thinks it is something to mention. I also wonder how they are going to address the change ip issue. Time will tell, but I will not... Read More » Read more

Serenity Now!

Metra Rail and Police

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Not sure what is going on…with all the elevated terror warnings my city and the Metra seem to think that putting six police officers at my train station to hand out ticketsto riders that run in front of the gates when they are down is a good idea. Sure, the Metra has a responsibility to educate the riders and community on the dangers of crossing in front of trains, but six police officers? Today marks the third day of us, at one stop, looking at six officers talk and stand around while the terrorists are out there!! Why aren’t they... Read More » Read more


Fahrenheit 9/11

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This weekend I saw Michael Moore’s latest film Fahrenheit 9/11. I cannot remember a movie that struck so many emotions in a long time. The first few scenes caused tears to run down my face, later I was so frustrated I felt like I had a responsibility to my country to stand up and fight…to get our country “back”. I then cried some more, and then felt hopeful when the audience clapped and cheered as the credits appeared on the screen. I would recommend every person who is of voting age to see this film. At the very least you... Read More » Read more

Apple UNIX Web Development

Mac OS X Server, Apple, A Truce Please?

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Well…one look at the “Safari cannot connect to localhost because your computer is connected to the internet” message I received yesterday while trying to view my web site while on the train and I about lost it. After I hacked the apache conf, that was enough for me to put up the white flag when dealing with Mac OS X Server. Apple needs to hire me or some other apache/mac based person to tweak the apache conf in Mac OS X Server. I am so frustrated at this point I am going to throw Mac OS X client on my... Read More » Read more


SOCom II And The Art of Crossroads

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 1 Comment

I am hooked on SoCom II I just recently started my own clan [T2] and try to get an hour or so in almost everyday to maintain my rank as a LT Commander…someday I will be a Captain. The headset in this game makes it because all my teammates and opponents get to hear that they are getting beat by a girl. Is it time to play yet? The secret on Crossroads…rush the bomb before your opponent does and if I am a terrorist, do not come near the warehouse. I will take your whole team out. Read more

Apple Hints UNIX Web Development

Little Tech Reminders

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I often perform the same tasks over and over and yet forget some little thing. This post is a reminder for me. General Apple hints. What to do when you get the “Do not enter sign”. (besides wonder how to describe it while searching for a solution) Starting up in target disk mode: hold down “t” Starting up in single user mode: hold down Apple +”s” How to set up open firmware password protection Command to check for user preference errors: sudo plutil -s ~/Library/Preferences/*.plist Mac OS X Server hints, aka Industrial Strength hints. Don’t change Mac OS X Server’s... Read More » Read more

Apple UNIX

Changing the IP On Mac OS X Server, Lessons Learned

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 1 Comment

Is it common to change a server’s IP? I suppose yes and no. Yes, say you decide to move to a data center or your office moves or you want to configure a server to replace another server already using the IP you want for DNS reasons or you just need to reorganize your subnet. Yes, a change in IP is possible. Apple, thanks for figuring that out. I have been using Mac OS X Server since it first appeared on the scene and the sight of a “wheel” user really jarred me. Until now (Mac OS X Server 10.3.x)... Read More » Read more


Great America, Great Commenting

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 2 Comments

This past Saturday I spent most of the day at Six Flags Great America, or I should say I spent most of the day waiting in lines to go on all the major rollercoasters. This was my first visit to Great America this year, and my first year that I bought…well Amy bought season passes for both of us. We are both rollercoaster fans so since the weather was nice we jumped in the car off we went. Since you are in line…yes, in line, not on line (where is the line you are on?) for an hour at a... Read More » Read more