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Politics Standards

On the Gay Marriage Amendment

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 2 Comments

I have had enough. The jokes, the comments, the bashing, and now the proposed marriage amendment? I do not understand the big deal…and I am tired of the christian right constantly trying to tell me how to live. Bush wants to “preserve marriage”, but he and his christian right friends do not get it…so let me put it in terms they might all understand: we want the right to divorce. Does that help W? Do you now understand? All the straight people have the opportunity to marry, screw up their marriage, screw up their kids, and then divorce. How is... Read More » Read more

Politics Standards

operation: republican in office

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

I bet all Americans (well all Americans that do not want to see the same fiasco as “Operation Brother Jeb: 2000”) feel relieved to hear we now have a plan to hold elections, even if under attack, during the upcoming November election. Perhaps we were fooled by Operation Brother Jeb: 2000 in the 2000 election, but I bet you Bush and friends would love to get in office again with another shenanigan like “Operation No One Changes Presidents During War Times, So Bring it on Right Before the Elections.” A “conflict” or an “attack” right before the elections would likely... Read More » Read more

UNIX Web Development

what's on my web server?

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 1 Comment

It is time to build another web server, and this time I will write about what is on it. I have built this configuration on the original iMac all the way up to the latest Xserve with success, so it is possible to make a cheap web server out of an older computer. To further save money, you could use all the apps with a different OS like FreeBSD, Darwin, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc (I like the BSDs) which are free. OS: Mac OS X Web Server: Apache Web Server Benchmarking: Siege Web Authentication Apache Module: mod_auth_mysql Database: MySQL Database Management... Read More » Read more


mac desktops and icons.

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Sometimes I cannot work until I am happy with my desktop picture and my icons. I am very picky with my desktops because they often serve as inspirations for new web designs (colors, contrasts, etc) In fact, when I present my web designs at big meetings, I take special care to choose a desktop that will make my design stand out against the background. Crazy? Maybe, but here is where I go to get the goods:Icons… xicons icons Iconfactory icons ResExcellence icons Desktop pictures… MacDesktops’ desktop pictures ResExcellence desktop pictures The Apple Collection desktop picures Spymac desktop picures Enjoy. Read more

Apache Hints HOWTOs UNIX Web Development

serving apache on a local (not address).

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

If you ever need to serve a web site for, let’s say a presentation, on a local address and need to connect to another computer…perhaps your database/ Web Objects server locally as well, and you are running Mac OS X…then I have some information for you. If you want to serve the web site on and have your other server on, open the terminal and type in: sudo ifconfig en0 This will change the IP address. (changing the IP address in the network control panel was not enough) Next, edit the apache conf file: sudo pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf... Read More » Read more

Hints Web Development

google alert.

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Ever since I started monitoring what search engine robots indexed on my web sites, I have also been using Google Alert. Google sends me reports (html email or plain text, your choice) of any web site that has been indexed with keywords that you specify. Not only can you make sure Google is following the rules set up in your robots.txt document, but you can also see what other web sites are being picked up by certain keywords that you use to attract users. Google Alert is free and very useful and I would recommend using it if you want... Read More » Read more


yuengling beer.

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Ahh, trips to the east coast are good for at least one thing: Yuengling beer. Some of my fondest memories in college were spent with a bottle of Yeungling beer in my hand. Way before the game, before the game, after the game, during the game…it was always there for us at Penn State. If you have a chance to order a Yuengling, give it a shot. If for nothing else, you can say you had beer from America’s Oldest Brewery. On a side note, go Joe! Congrats on the four year contract!! Read more

Hints Standards

fisherman's dilemna, solved!

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Well, I have been fishing for the last few days, which I enjoy…but I do not enjoy the fishy smelling hands that I have after I get home. After 2 days of no solution…my not so in-law brother in law told me he finally figured out how to kill the smell: sun tan lotion. I had washed my hands 3 times at this point with no luck, so I tried it and it works great! No more fishy smell. Of course wash your hands first…but when the soap does not kill the smell, put some sun tan lotion on them... Read More » Read more

Games Standards

Frustration Station

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

Frustation lies everywhere, either you find it or you don’t…I seem to find it a lot, but finally I can laugh at most of it or at least brush it off. (How many years did that take?) First up…Metra. Boarding my express train is like a Rage Against the Machine video and Metra finally did something about it, they no longer open the first two cars for people at my stop. It finally came to that. I think the older you get, the more rage you have boarding trains, and then comment and waive your fingers at the “out of... Read More » Read more



Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

I never played Scrabble until earlier this year, but I have become completely hooked to Yahoo! literati. I think part of the fun is getting the great words that happen to work such as: dui, ka, cos, coz, zee, cee, etc. The words are supposedly checked by so who knows…maybe it is not an english dictionary. , I am thinking we are on the verge of a new English dialect, iBonics. So if you want to learn something new, join me in a game of literati, where iBonics is accepted! Literati supports all iBonics speakers! Read more