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Apple Hints

iCal tips and tricks.

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If there is one application Apple has released in the last few years that I should be using more, it is iCal. There are lots of little tricks and cool stuff you can do with iCal…like my favorite: In a terminal window type: cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history | grep McDonald and look at the goodies. Yes, I was a big fan of hunting for Easter Eggs as the new versions of pre-OS X cam out. Now I am too busy. (Sad) Anyway, for cool tricks and some good tips, general calendars, and iCal support, check out: Read more


Umbrella Carrying/Using in Chicago

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Ok, so what is the deal with the golf umbrellas downtown? Does one person really need the gigantic umbrella all for themselves? On my way home last night in the pouring rain I was reminded of how much I hate rain in Chicago. First, we have to deal with all the wind, and if you have to walk within a block of the Sears Tower like I once did…forget it! The winds will destroy 99% of all umbrellas. I gave up using an umbrella, and unless I have to look really presentable, I prefer not using one and getting soaked,... Read More » Read more

Apple UNIX Web Development

On the Wagon, Off the Wagon with Mac OS X Server

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What a morning. Surprise surprise…I decided to install Mac OS X Server on my PowerBook to play around with the Apache conf (since I legally own two copies that just sit in my drawer). Ever since Mac OS X Server 1.0 came out I was excited to use Mac OS X Server. I loved AppleShare IP, and was ready to learn something new. Yeah, you are right, how many times can I tell this story? To the point: you have web sites that need to be hosted in a Mac environment…what do you do? Two options (not including Darwin): Mac... Read More » Read more

Apple UNIX

those crazy Mac OS X/Mac OS X Server error messages!

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If you did not notice, I have a thing for wierd and often funny Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server error messages. I periodically update the image on the right hand side that is a screen shot of an error I have received. Keep looking for new and exciting errors. PS. The “You cannot continue to log in at this time” error was produced upon startup, as the log in dialog box popped up in the background. Fun! Read more


On Retiring “The Machine”

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Today marks a sad day. My faithful Apple Blue and White G3 350 is moving off the desk and in to the display. I have had it on my desk since early 1999. I ordered it on January 6th, 1999 after seeing the keynote at Penn State. I was so impressed with this computer when it came out I could barely wait to get it in the mail. I carried the CPU and new Apple 17″ Studio Display from my apartment complex’s office to my apartment, all sweated wet. I took it out of the box, called and hen picked... Read More » Read more



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Perhaps people do not realize how important voting really is, perhaps people do not fully understand the President’s duties. Something to consider. Read more

Serenity Now!

my newest sport: the daily commute.

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In high school, I played basketball, volleyball, was on the golf team, on the track team and played some serious back yard football. I was very athletic. I miss playing all the sports I did when I was younger, but I have to say I am still using things I learned from all of the sports today, and everyday. When I was in college, I mastered a different sport (besides beer pong with Ken…who I am confident we were by far the best team at PSU from 1996-1999)…I mastered “getting through a crowd effectively”. I now use that often when... Read More » Read more

HOWTOs UNIX Web Development

rsync: synch both boot and data volumes.

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If you have mission critical servers, you know that a backup is essential. I do not want my mission critical web server to go down. Along comes rsync. How to set up rsync to synch my boot drive (and make it bootable) as well as synch my data files (html/php files): First, you will to set up passwordless ssh between your servers. This is a good tutorial, except make sure step #5 is actually: /var/root/.ssh/cat >> authorized_keys2 . Now you are ready to send data from your main server to the backup(s). Data I have a daily cron job... Read More » Read more

Serenity Now! Standards

metra riders: single seats are upstairs.

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I have been riding the Metra for over five years now, and not once have I ever put my bag next to me on a busy train to try and deter other people from sitting next to me. I have also never asked someone to move their bag until this morning. My morning express is like most other express trains, jammed. There is always that one jack ass that decides he is too good to have someone else share the two person seat and usually I will go out of my way to not strike up any conflict. I have... Read More » Read more