Emailing Pictures

First it is called a server. Second it is called “take five minutes to proportionally decrease the size of your picture”. How many times can that one person who got a digital camera last year for Christmas have to clog my email account with billboard sized pictures of whatever they decided to take a picture of? Just because you have a camera and an internet connection does not mean you need to send everyone really bad, gigantic pictures. Please…there is a little paper thing that came with your camera…and if you passed first grade, do us all a favor and read it so you actually undersand picture size/memory. Not everyone has to suffer because you cannot read. What….what was that? There is no excuse for you. When I am President, that will be a federal offense…and using Dial-up…a definite prison sentence that includes using a 2400 baud modem for…until you go crazy and see the point. Do you see carts in the streets anymore? No? Just cars? Can you make a connection?
PS. The stickers on the camera are meant to come off. If they weren’t…they would not be stickers. Take them off. Please. We do not need to see that “batteries and recharger are included.”
PS. Moving an office is stressful.